We Invest

“Learn by doing. Theory is nice, but nothing replaces actual experience.” Tony Hsieh


At Exceptional Start, we don’t just give you the investment to launch or scale your business – we also equip you with the expert team, strategies, and entrepreneur community to deliver growth that’s built on stable foundations.

We’re not like other investors. We do things differently – and there’s a reason for that. The current start-up model is broken. Here’s why:
  • Founders run before validating their idea and burn cash.
  • “Build it and they will come” is not a successful strategy. 
  • Business basics are not in place for sustainable growth.
  • Founders do not have the mindset to sustain and overcome.
Before you can disrupt and accelerate, you need to listen and test. Exceptional Start will empower and enable you to:
  • Refine and prove your business model.
  • Leverage frameworks and expert experience to grow organically.
  • Access investment to accelerate and maintain growth.
  • Connect with a community of talent to inspire you.

“Waste not, want not”. We implement the proven Minimum Viable Investment Framework (MVIF). We start working with companies without a fixed amount of committed capital. But, in contrast to many start-ups burning cash and running out of runway, we invest exactly as much as is necessary – when it is necessary. 

The execution is simple; We start with a minimum capital commitment of £50K and then invest more as necessary during the process. Our two key milestones are: 1. the launch of the MVP, and 2. the achievement of a positive cash flow operation.

We are successful Entrepreneurs and experienced business experts from every field. We invite you to use our industry networks, experience, and capital to put your start-up in the 1% that survive and thrive. 

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